The Department of Public Works is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. The intention is to
promote representatively in the Public Service through the filling of these posts and with persons whose
appointment will promote representatively, will receive preference. An indication by candidates in this
regard will facilitate the processing of applications. If no suitable candidates from the unrepresented
groups can be recruited, candidates from the represented groups will be considered. People with
disabilities are encouraged to apply.
CLOSING DATE : 25 November 2022 at 16H00
NOTE : Kindly take note that with effect from 01 January 2021, DPSA approved the
new Z83 Application Form (obtainable from any Public Service department);
applicants are requested to use the new application form and the Z83 form
must be signed when submitted as failure to do so will result in their application
being disqualified. With regard to completion of new Z83 form, part A and B
must be fully filled, Part C on method of correspondence and contact details
must be fully filled, two questions relating to condition that prevent
reappointment under part F must be fully answered. Page 1 must be initialled,
failure to comply with the above, applicants will be disqualified. To streamline
the recruitment process to be more responsive to the public, as well as to
create more protective measures during the pandemic by avoiding overcrowding and curb the costs incurred by applicants such measures should
include the following regarding certification: Advertisement and accompanying
notes must clearly capture the requirements for the certification to reflect that
applicants, Please not note that applicants are not required to submit copies of
qualifications and other relevant documents on application but must submit the
Z83 and a detailed Curriculum Vitae. The communication from HR of the
department regarding requirements of certified documents will be limited to
shortlisted candidates. Therefore only shortlisted candidates for a post will be
required to submit certified documents on or before the day of the interview
following communication from HR. The application for employment Form (Z83)
provides under the sectional “additional information” that candidates who are
selected for interviews will be requested to furnish additional certified
information that may be requested to make final decision. It must be borne in
mind that when a document is certified as a true copy of an original, the certifier
only confirms it being a true copy of the original presented. Therefore, the
certification process does not provide validation of the authenticity of the
original document. The validation occurs when the documents is verified for
authenticity. Regulation 67 (9) requires the executive authority to ensure that
he or she is fully satisfied of the claims being made and these read with
Regulations (57) (c) which requires the finalisation of Personnel Suitability
Checks in order to verify claims and check the candidate for purpose of being
fit and proper for employment. Applications not complying with the above will
be disqualified. Should you not have heard from us within the next months,
please regard your application as unsuccessful. Note: It is the responsibility of
all applicants to ensure that foreign and other qualifications are evaluated by
SAQA. Recognition of prior learning will only be considered on submission of
proof by candidates. Kindly note that appointment will be subject to verification
of qualifications and a security clearance. Faxed or late applications will NOT
be accepted. Shortlisted candidates must be willing to undergo normal vetting
and verification processes. Should you not have heard from us within the next
3 months, please regard your application as unsuccessful.
ERRATUM: Kindly note that the following posts was advertised in Public
Service Vacancy Circular 42 dated 04 November 2022. (1) Control Works
Manager: Electrical Ref No: 2022/437, Centre: Umtata regional Office. (2)
Chief Works Manager Mechanical: Facilities Management Ref No: 2022/442,
Centre: Umtata Regional Office, have all been withdrawn due to the advertised
within the previous Public Service Vacancy Circular 41 dated 28 October.

(12 Months Contract)
SALARY : R382 245 per annum
CENTRE : Bloemfontein Regional Office
REQUIREMENTS : A three year tertiary qualification (NQF level 6) in Financial Accounting or
equivalent qualification plus extensive relevant finance experience with
appropriate GRAP or accrual accounting practical experience performed. Audit
articles will be advantage. Willingness to travel with a valid driver’s license.
Knowledge: A candidate must have extensive public sector experience,
extensive applied knowledge of the PMFA, GRAP and modified cash
accounting frameworks. Sage Financial Systems and Archibus experience will
be advantages. Skills: Strong analytical and communication skills (both written
and verbal), computer literate with advanced Excel skills and good
interpersonal skills. Presentation skills, planning and organizing, problem
solving, diplomacy, ability to work under pressure to meet tight deadline. Strong
negotiation skills. Personal Attributes: Creative. Dedicated. Approachable.
Hard-working. Trustworthy. Other: Ability to work within specific time-frames.
Ability to communicate at all levels.
DUTIES : Compilation of AFS accounting and disclosure of assets, accruals, operating &
finance leases, prepaid expenses, commitments and retentions. Advise on
efficient and effective systems of internal controls at the region in order to
improve the integrity of financial information. Liaising with various line functions
and other finance officials in order to obtain accurate and reliable inputs for
financial reporting purposes within deadlines (focusing on accrued expenses,
prepaid expenses, immovable assets and construction projects related
expenses, commitments). Reviewing input obtained from line functions,
identifying errors and weaknesses and consolidation of input to account for
final balances in the annual financial statements. Compilation of accurate
financial inputs for reporting purposes, including creation of audit file with
supporting schedules and evidence. Provide technical accounting support to
line function and finance officials. Assist in the monitoring of the audit action
plan. Approving of lease transactions, including monthly reconciliations on
Archibus to monitor correct payments. Drafting and reviewing responses to
audit findings. Empower officials with GRAP accounting and financial
management skills development. Effective management of the finance officials
under candidate’s supervision. Assisting the Chief Directorate with various
administrative duties. Ensure effective corporate governance processes and
sound resources management
ENQUIRIES : Mr P Whielers Tel No: (051) 408 7388
APPLICATIONS : Bloemfontein Regional Office Applications: The Regional Manager,
Department of Public Works, P/Bag X 20605, Bloemfontein, 9300 or hand
delivered to 18 President Brandt Street Bloemfontein 9300.

(Re-advert, people who previously applied are encouraged to re-apply)
SALARY : R321 543 per annum
CENTRE : Cape Town Regional Office
REQUIREMENTS : A three year tertiary qualification (NQF Level 6) in Auditing or Accounting.
Applicant must be a member of Institute of Internal Auditors. Must have
completed Internal Audit Technician (IAT) programme. Professional Internal
Auditor (PIA) programme will be an added advantage. A relevant practical
experience in the Internal Auditing field. Good understanding and
implementation of the Audit process .Good communication and supervisory
skills. Effective report writing. Computer literacy. Ability to follow a proactive
and creative problem solving approach. A valid driver’s license is a
requirement. Knowledge of Teammate, Data Analytics systems such as ACL
will be an added advantage.
DUTIES : Conduct preliminary survey procedures. Assist in development of audit
program. Conduct audit field work and collect relevant, sufficient and useful
audit evidence. Develop audit working papers. Develop audit findings with all
elements of a finding. Assess and evaluate audit evidence. Develop
conclusions on audit findings. Assist in developing draft internal audit reports.
Discuss the internal audit report with Audit Supervisor. Transfer auditing skills
to Internship students.
ENQUIRIES : Mr. S Khomo Tel No: (012) 492 3066
APPLICATIONS : Cape Town Regional Office Applications: The Regional Manager, Department
of Public Works, Private Bag X9027, Cape Town, 8000. Or Hand Deliver at
Ground floor, Customs House, Lower Heerengracht Street, Cape Town.
Register the application in the book.

REF NO: 2022/449
Re-advert, people who previously applied are encouraged to re-apply
SALARY : R261 372 per annum
CENTRE : Cape Town Regional Office
REQUIREMENTS : A three year tertiary qualification (NQF Level 6) in Supply Chain Management/
Logistics/Public Administration/ Public Management/Equivalent tertiary
qualification. Sound knowledge and understanding of pertinent policies related
to Movable Asset Management, National Treasury Regulations, Supply Chain
Management, PFMA, PPPFA Act and Regulations, and Code of Conduct.
Knowledge: Thorough knowledge and understanding of Standard Charts of
Accounts (SCOA) and applicable financial business systems (LOGIS and
BAS). Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, Problem
Solving, Analytical skills and Computer literacy. An ability to handle confidential
information. A valid driver’s license. Personal Attributes: Clientele/ customer
relation’s skills, good interpersonal skills; decision making skills; presentations
skills (including report writing), hard-working and highly motivated. Ability to
work effectively and efficiently under pressure; willing to adapt to work
schedule in accordance with directorate’s requirements.
DUTIES : Bar-code new assets and update on Logis System. Track and authorize
movements of movable assets and make sure that it is captured on Logis.
Conduct the quarterly and annual verification of movable assets and other Sate
Lite Offices. Maintenance and updating of the movable Assets Register on
Logis. Manage disposals of assets and keep records of redundant,
unserviceable and obsolete assets. Manage the repairs process of movable
assets. Coordinate inputs for all audit queries within specified time frames.
Conduct monthly asset register audit and correct all discrepancies within
specified time frame. Interact with asset controllers with regards to asset
management. Check and verify request forms if SCOA allocations and ICN’s
are used when procuring assets. Perform Monthly reconciliation of Assets
between BAS and LOGIS. Compile a reconciled Annual Financial Statement
for Movable Assets Management.
ENQUIRIES : Ms. N Poswa Tel No: (021) 402 2198
APPLICATIONS : cape town regional office applications: The Regional Manager, Department of
Public Works, Private Bag X9027, Cape Town, 8000. Or Hand Deliver at
Ground floor, Customs House, Lower Heerengracht Street, Cape Town.
Register the application in the book.

REF NO: 2022/450
SALARY : R261 372 per annum
CENTRE : Umtata Regional Office
REQUIREMENTS : A three year tertiary qualification (NQF Level 6) in Property Management, Real
Estate, Public Management, Financial management or Property Law with
sufficient relevant experience in acquisition of property rights in fixed property.
A sound understanding of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA)
.Understanding of property market trends and to be able to analyse the
property market. Understanding of derivative forms of acquisitions of property
(e.g.) expropriation, common law prescripts and others. Understanding of
financial administration processes and systems, contractual policies and
procedures as well as procurement processes and systems .Effective
communication skills.
DUTIES : Procure list of properties to be utilised by client departments. Keep track of the
property market and its trends. Negotiate property purchases. View tendered
or identified properties. Conduct physical verification of leased properties.
Attend Client forum meetings and report back to the Head of unit. Draft lease
agreement, Submissions and other documentation resulting from negotiations.
Advice Client Departments on issues related to property acquisition. Perform
administrative related duties within the office.
ENQUIRIES : Ms P Ngomane Tel No: (047) 502 7000
APPLICATIONS : Mthatha Regional Office Applications: The Regional Manager, Department of
Public Works, Private Bag X5007, Sutherland Street, Mthatha 5099 or Hand
Deliver at 29 Sutherland Street, PRD II Building, 5th Floor, Mthatha.

SALARY : R124 434 per annum
CENTRE : Mmabatho Regional Office
REQUIREMENTS : Applicants must be in a possession of ABET plus Grade C (PSIRA). Grade B
or certificate in Controller will be added as an advantage. Must have relevant
working experience. Familiarity with prescribed security procedures e.g.;
MISS, Protection of Information Act, Access control Act and Tresspass Act.
Knowledge of access control procedures, measures for the control and
movement of equipments and stores. Relevant emergency procedures. Ability
to operate equipment and machines, Ability to work under stressful situations,
Good communication skills at all levels, Analytical thinking, problem solving,
organizing and planning skills.
DUTIES : Perform access control functions such as conducting screening of all people
entering and leaving the building through X-ray machine and metal detector,
determine whether visitors have appointment. Identify suspicious conduct,
manage parking and safeguard state and private vehicles. Monitor CCTV in
security control room. Safe guarding Department keys. Ensure safety and
security in the buildings, premises and land parcels by undertaking building
/premises patrols, checking that doors are locked or unlocked as required,
Checking water leaks and that taps are closed, checking fire hazards, exposed
electrical contacts and other fire hazards emanating from i.e. chemicals.
Applying emergency procedures and alert emergency services and
departmental management. Manage and control movement of movable assets,
ensuring that no equipment, stores and assets of the department leave the
building/premises/workshops unauthorized. Inspect vehicles entering and
leaving the premise. Gather information and report on missing and stolen
equipment and stores, verify functionality of evacuation emergency and exits,
verifying accessories, damages on GG and lease cars. Respond to alarms
system. Ensure effective record keeping.
ENQUIRIES : Mr. T.J Manyaapelo Tel No: (018) 386 5239
APPLICATIONS : Mmabatho Regional Office Applications: The Regional Manager, Department
of Public Works, Private Bag X120, Mmabatho 2735 or 810 Corner Albert
Luthuli Drive and Maisantwa Streets, Unit 3, Mmabatho, 2735.

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