Marine Shorehand at Transnet

Marine Shorehand at Transnet

You can apply for this job with a Grade 10 Certificate: Become a Marine Shorehand at Transnet where you must be able to carry out physical work at all times

Position Purpose Marine Shorehand at Transnet

•To provide berthing and related services to the Maritime Industry.
•Provide fresh water to vessels.
•Assist in ship repair facilities.
•Assist with pollution control

Position Outputs

•Make up heaving lines, including splicing ropes and making of monkey fist.
•Make fast or let go of mooring ropes/wires of vessels docking and undocking
•Make fast or let go of vessels using the mooring buoys, working in dangerous conditions on the buoy or from a launch (inner anchorage).
•Handle slip and surge dock wires vessel are entering or leaving the graving dock or slipway (slipping of vessels).
•Act as crew on unmanned vessels: i.e. handle mooring lines on board such vessels including newly built vessels on slip.
•Determine the correct sequence of placement of mooring ropes on bollards
•Identify equipment (meters, hoses and standpipes) for particular use.
•Connect and disconnect water pipes from quay to vessel and on vessel if no crew available.
•Assist with maintenance of equipment (meters, hoses and standpipes) including replacing washers, cleaning and packing.
•Assist in building of blocks in dry-docks and slipway facilities.
•Splicing of ropes and wires.
•Deployment of pollution equipment and undertake clean-up duties of all spillage’s (oil & chemicals) both land and water, in the event of incidents.
•Assist with the removal of debris from water.
•Crew on harbor pollution craft.
•Cleaning of berthing facilities, vehicles and surrounding areas.
•Preparing craft for functions

Qualifications and Experience Marine Shorehand at Transnet

  • Qualifications & Experience: •Grade 10 •As part of the recruitment process the candidate must pass a rope test


Skills required: •Physically capable of performing all duties. •Undertake arduous physical work at all times, in all weather conditions. •Be able to operate in a multi- skilled, multifunctional environment. •Service oriented •Literacy level sufficient to undergo training on modular programme and to follow written instruction. •Working shifts as required. •Working extended hours as required. •Undergo training programmes in all aspects of duties. Knowledge: •Basic seamanship incl. knots and rope and wire splicing •Equipment used in the supply of fresh water to vessels including maintenance and storage of equipment. •Equipment used in pollution prevention and spillage.

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