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Ever wanted to hear first-hand what it’s like to work at Mr Price Group?

Well, now you can! Hear directly from our associates as they share their retail career journeys and what it feels like to work at Mr Price Group.

mrpcareers Accounting / Finance

The art of numbers and insights…

Imagine combining your love of figures with working for a dynamic organization , pioneering the art of the possible.

Well, now you can. In this disruptive age we live in , change is accelerating and we need calm financial champions to be the bedrock of our ambitions. You will need to be meticulous and have superhuman attention to detail (after all, you’ll be in charge of the company’s money – no pressure).

If numbers are your passion, then let us know – we’d love to meet you.

Management Accountant, Financial Accountant, Financial Manager, Creditors Clerk, Group Accountant, To name a few…


Dreaming up imaginative, creative solutions.mrpcareers

Do you dream in acronyms? If the answer is yes, then the world of advertising is probably commonplace to you. This is a world filled with wonder, intrigue and tight deadlines.

If you’re hungry for a challenge and you thrive on a fast-paced industry, then we want you! You’ll be part of the team that plans media space – from print to online, and TV to radio. Exciting, much?

Brand Manager, Marketing/Media Events Co-ordinator, Creative Head, Graphic Designer, Shoot Co-ordinator, to name a few…

Retail Operations

A part of the action-packed adventure from day one.mrpcareers

Are you ready for an action-packed and responsible role at the heart of our stores? If retail is your passion and you schmooze on the regular, then working at our stores should be right up your alley.

You’ll be hands-on from day one. This is a challenging role – but for the right people the sky’s the limit! Sound good? We thought so.

Store Manager/Leader, Area Manager Assistant Store Manager/Leader, Sales Associate, Store Associate, To name a few…

Logistics / Supply Chain / Resourcing

Getting things from A to B.

You’ve heard the saying “right time, right place” – this means to make this a reality. Resourcing procures the product and logistics makes sure that all products arrive on time, to everyone, everywhere which is crucial to the business.

We need people who are process driven, but flexible and ready to adapt to an exciting and ever-changing environment. If the thought of coordinating shipments to over 1000 stores (locally and internationally) makes your heart skip a beat, then this is the place for you.

Resource Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Co-ordinator, Shipping Co-ordinator, DC Manager/Supervisor, To name a few…

Visual Merchandising

Bringing the product to life in our stores.

Are you ready to put your creativity to work in the world of retail? If you’re the type of person who thrives on a challenge, and has a keen eye for detail, then we need you.

Find your place in a fast moving department where your ability to create inspiring, original displays will help to maximise selling opportunities.

Visual Display Artist, Visual Merchandiser, Style Shoot Co-ordinator, Graphic Designer (VM), To name a few…

Merchandise Planning

Creating value in product ranges by “making a plan”.

Selling ice to an Eskimo, while ensuring you make a profit. If you have 100000 pink shirts worth R1 000 000 that you don’t believe you can sell – what should you do? That’s what Merchandise Planning is all about.

If you’re good with numbers, can think on your feet, and are able to multi-task like it’s nobody’s business, then this is the department for you. Sound like you? Give us a shout — we’d love to meet you.

Trainee Planner, Junior Planner, Planner, Brand Merchant, To name a few…

Location Planning

Delivering the Merchants vision to our stores.

Are you always that one friend who is in charge of making all the plans? You could be putting that skill to good use!

Use your brilliance to make big decisions and affect how much product is sold. Numbers and budgets will become your new best friend, and understanding customers’ shopping habits will be something that is on your mind constantly. If this sounds like you, don’t be shy – we want to hear from you!

Merchandise Buying

Bringing the hottest trends to mrpg.

Does style run through your blood? Are you driven, sales oriented, have a talent for product development and an eye for visuals?

We’re looking for someone who has a keen eye for global commercial trends and a sixth sense for what will sell. You’ll be privy to all the hottest upcoming trends and you’ll need to keep your finger on the pulse of today’s modern consumer trends. If you’re ready to work in a crazy, creative environment that will keep you on your toes 24/7, then hit us up!

Trainee Buyer, Buyers Assistant, Junior Buyer, To name a few…

Human Resources

Shaping lives and creating futures, one career at a time.

Are you an HR aficionado? Do you have a talent for building winning teams? Are people your thing? Have an eye for talent? Want to help job seekers land their dream roles?

If you’re a great listener, empathetic, and are passionate about helping people win, then you may just be the next HR fundi to join our tightly-knit, dynamic team.

Learning & Development Programme Manager, TA Specialist, People Manager, HR Business Partner, People Co-ordinator, To name a few…

Trend Forecasting / Design

Predict the next biggest fashion/homeware product to hit our stores. mrpcareers

Silhouette, shoe shape, textile choice, colour schemes, skirt lengths and jewellery. Are these things that you’re always noticing?

If you’re the trendiest person on the street, and you’re constantly turning heads, then this is the department for you. You’ll be the one who researches trends, looks, styles, colours, and fabrics and then interprets those trends into ranges that will be snapped up by customers. You’ll have to be immersed in all aspects of culture to catch the next big thing.

Trend Forecaster, Junior Designer, Senior Designer, Clothing Designer, To name a few…

Business Intelligence

Does driving innovation with data excite you the way it excites us?

We’re pretty on trend with our use of cloud data warehouse technologies, advanced visualization, data science and solid collaboration.

Forever moving and shaking, we are on our way to the future.

Data Scientist, BI Developer, Data Warehouse Developer, to name a few…

Quality Assurance mrpcareers

It’s got to be-e-e-e-e-e perfect.

Are you the type of person that can spot a loose thread from a mile away? If so, quality assurance is the place for you. You’ll be making sure things are in tip-top shape. You’ll have crazy attention to detail and your ability to ensure the highest quality should be off the charts.

Sound like something you’d be good at? What are you waiting for?

Quality Technologist, Quality Auditor, Fabric Technologist, Quality Manager, To name a few…


Pushing boundaries, and evolving continuously.

If you’re a digital native who can’t bear the thought of not being connected, then the eCommerce team is right where you belong.

You’ll get to be a part of something bigger, as our team constantly evolves and operates on a global scale. Be prepared to learn something new every day! We want people who think on their feet and are ready to be pioneers in their field.

Keen to join the team? Create a profile.

E-Retailer, eCommerce Manager, eCommere Merchant, To name a few…

Information Technology

Delivering cutting edge technology solutions that add value.

If you get your kicks from delivering new and innovative technology solutions that are fit for purpose, balancing best of breed and value for money, then come talk to us! We offer the opportunity to work with like-minded professionals in an intellectually stimulating environment.

From architecture, to development, to maintenance, security and the availability of the Group Systems environment – we do it all… in-house!

Project Managers, System Engineers, Architects and Specialist Devs, to name a few…

Call Center Operations

The world of mrpMoney, mrpMobile and mrpInsurance is waiting for you!

If dealing with figures and customers is your forte, then this is the team for you.

Being a part of this team means that you’ll be dealing with the financial services we offer to our customers. So, if you love the thought of a fast-paced, sales driven environment, then let’s chat.

Telesales Agent, Insurance Manager, Trace Agent, Product Manager, To name a few…

Real Estate

Landing the next big retail space.

Do you have a flair for dealing with people and coming up with strategic solutions to problems? If this sounds like you, then the real estate department is where you should be.

You’ll be on the front lines of mrpg’s physical expansion. mrpg literally cannot grow without you.

Real Estate Manager, Store Designer, Lease Administrator, To name a few…


Saving the planet, one day at a time.

So, you’re the person who recycles and has a burning desire to help the planet? You belong in our sustainability department, no doubt.

This is the department that promotes sustainable solutions for the mrpg. Basically, you’ll be tasked with making sure we make the planet a better place to live – no biggie. You up for the challenge? Give us a holler.

Sustainability Project Manager, Legal & Compliance Officer, Sustainability Specialist, To name a few…

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