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About PnP Careers

At Pick n Pay, we are more than just a retailer; we are an organisation of dedicated people committed to creating an exceptional shopping experience for our customers and an enriching, vibrant work environment for our employees. Founded in 1967, Pick n Pay is one of the largest retail chains in South Africa, serving millions of customers across the African continent. Our reputation is built upon our commitment to offering customers the best in quality, and value.

Our Mission

We serve with our hearts, we create a great place to be and With our minds, we create an excellent place to shop

Our Values

Our values are deeply embedded in our culture and guide our actions:

Passion for our Customers: We are passionate about our customers and will fight for their rights. Our customers are our priority, and their satisfaction is our success.

Respect and Care: We care for and respect each other. We value our team’s diversity and treat each other with kindness and understanding.

Personal Growth and Opportunity: We foster personal growth and opportunities. We believe in empowering our employees, providing opportunities for learning and advancement.

Leadership and Innovation: We nurture leadership and vision, and reward innovation. We encourage our employees to be leaders in their roles and think outside the box.

Honesty and Integrity: We live by honesty and integrity. We operate with transparency and trustworthiness in all our interactions.

Community Support: We support and participate in our communities. We believe in making a positive impact and giving back to our communities.

Individual Responsibility: We take individual responsibility. We are responsible for our actions and decisions.

Accountability: We are all accountable. We hold ourselves responsible for delivering on our commitments to our customers, each other, and our business.

Why Pick n Pay?

At Pick n Pay, our strength lies in our people. We strive to be the employer of choice, attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry. We create a work environment that fosters growth, celebrates achievements, and values individual contributions. Here, your work will be meaningful, recognized, and rewarded.

Experience the joy of being part of Pick n Pay. Let’s shape the future of retail in Africa together. View our career opportunities.Read Less

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