The Department of Water and Sanitation is hiring for x11 job opportunities.


About the Department of Water and Sanitation

The mandate of the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), as set out in the National Water Act of 1998 and the Water Services Act of 1997, is to ensure that the country’s water resources are protected, managed, used, developed, conserved and controlled by regulating and supporting the delivery of effective water supply and sanitation.

Available vacancies in the table below (simply click on the position to apply)

Reference No.DescriptionClosing Date
28102022/S17SENIOR ENGINEER (MECHANICAL) REF:28102022/S1728 October 2022
Time: 16H00
28102022/S18ARTISAN FOREMAN X3 REF:28102022/S1828 October 2022
Time: 16H00
28102022/S23INDUSTRIAL TECHNICIAN-SURVEYING REF:28102022/S2328 October 2022
Time: 16H00
28102022/S19PRINCIPAL ARTISAN GROUP A (ELECTRICAL) REF:28102022/S1928 October 2022
Time: 16H00
28102022/S16PRINCIPAL ENGINEER REF:28102022/S1628 October 2022
Time: 16H00
28102022/S17SENIOR ARTISAN GROUP A- DIESEL MECHANIC X2 REF:28102022/S1728 October 2022
Time: 16H00
28102022/S22SENIOR ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICER REF:28102022/S2228 October 2022
Time: 16H00
Time: 16H00

Vacancies at the Department of Water and Sanitation

The Department of Water and Sanitation is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. It is the intention of the Department to promote representivity in the Public Service through the filling of this position and the candidature of persons whose transfer/promotion/appointment will promote representivity will receive preference. An indication by candidates in this regard will expedite the processing of applications. If no suitable candidates from the under-represented groups can be identified, candidates from the represented groups will be considered.

How to apply?

It is very simple to apply. What you have to do is just to CLICK/TAP on any of the positions above that you may be interested in. If you CLICK on the position, you will be automatically directed to the application portal (that’s if the position is still open and not closed). DWS: Vacancies

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