x4 General Worker Positions: Department of Defence.


SALARY:            R104 073 per annum (Level 02)

CENTRE:            Military Health Support Formation HQ, Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS:            NQF Level 1 – 4 with 2 years’ experience as a general worker. Special requirement (skills needed): To provide comprehensive. Service to the help desk of Facility Section in Military Health Support Formation Head Quarters.

DUTIES:         Rendering of the emergency calls regarding the maintenance at MHSF HQ. Registering of all complains in the register. Liaise with the on-site contractors, RQSM and DPW. Familiarise with the environment. Registering of all complaints from different departments. Do follow ups with contractors. Making of job cards accordingly.

ENQUIRIES:         Warrant Officer Class 1 M.E. Khasi Tel No: (012) 671 5403

WHERE TO SUBMIT APPLICATIONS/APPLICATIONS:         Department of Defence, South African Military Health Service, Military Health Support Formation HQ, Private Bag X1019 Lyttleton, 0140, or may be hand delivered to 4 Avro Road, Lyttleton.


It is the Department’s intention to promote equity (race, gender and disability) through the filling of this posts with candidates whose transfer/promotion/appointment will promote representivity in line with the numeric targets as contained in our Employment Equity plan. Applications must be submitted on the prescribed form Z83 (obtainable from any Public Service Department office i.e effective 01 January 2021 or on the DPSA web site link: https://www.dpsa.gov.za/newsroom/psvc/. Should an application be received using incorrect application employment form Z83, it will be disqualified, which must be originally initialled, signed and dated by the applicant and which must be accompanied by a detailed CV only (with full particulars of the applicants’ training, qualifications, competencies, knowledge & experience). In terms of circular no 19 of 2022 on practice notes on the Z83 application for employment and other related matters the following must be considered in relation to the completion of the new Z83 form by applicants: Part A all fields must be completed. Part B all fields must be completed in full except when passport number: South African applicants need not provide passport numbers, applicant has responded “no” to the question are you conducting business with the State or are you a Director of a Public or Private company conducting business with the State. If yes, “(provide the details)”, then it is acceptable for an applicant to indicate not applicable or leave blank to the question, “In the event that you are employed in the Public Service, will you immediately relinquish such business interests?” If your profession or occupation requires official registration, provide date and particulars of registration” – Some applicants may not be in possession of such therefore it is acceptable if left blank or if not applicable is indicated. Part C all fields must be completed. Part D all fields must be completed. Part E, F and G: noting that there is limited space provided often indicate “refer to Curriculum Vitae (CV) or see attached”, this is acceptable as long as the CV has been attached and provides the required information. If the information is not provided in the CV, the applicant may be disqualified. It must be noted that a CV is an extension of the application of employment Z83, and applicants are accountable for the information that is provided therein. The questions related to conditions that prevent re-appointment under Part F must be answered. Declaration must be completed and signed. The advertisement (s) contained herein is/are meant for the attention/perusal from all interest job seekers whether they are serving employees/officials of the DOD/Public Service, unemployed persons or persons employed outside the Public Service. Person not employed by the DOD/Public Services are encouraged to apply for the vacancies advertised in this circular. Only the shortlisted candidates will be required to bring certified documents (i.e. educational qualifications, ID Copy and Driver s license etc) and other related documents on or before the day of the interview. Certified documents which should not be older than six months on or before the day of the interview. Non-RSA Citizens/Permanent Resident Permit Holders must submit copy of their permanent residence permits (Only when shortlisted). Should you be in possession of a foreign qualification(s), it must be accompanied by an evaluation certificate from the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) only when shortlisted. All applications received after closing date will not be considered. Failure to comply with the above instructions will result in applications being disqualified. Should an application be received where an applicant applying for more than one post must submit a separate form Z83 (as well as the documentation mentioned above) in respect of each post being applied for. If an applicant wishes to withdraw an application it must be done in writing. If an applicant applies for more than one post on the same applications form, the application will only be considered for the first post indicated on the application and not for any of the other posts. Under no circumstances will photostat copies or faxed copies of application documents be accepted. The successful candidates will be subjected to Personnel Suitability Checks (criminal record-, citizenship- & financial/asset record checks and qualification and employment verification). Successful candidates will also be subjected to security clearance processes. Potential candidates, declared in excess must indicate their excess status on Z83, Applicants who do not receive confirmation or feedback within 3 (three) months after the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful. Due to the large volume of responses anticipated, receipt of applications will not be acknowledged and correspondence will be limited to short-listed candidates only. For more information on the job description(s) please contact the person indicated in the post details. Successful candidates will be appointed on probation for the period of twelve (12) months regarding the prescribed rules and will be expected to sign a performance agreement. The Department reserves the right not to make appointment(s) to the advertised post(s)


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