Cleaner -Day And Night Cleaners X10

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Cleaner -Day and Night Cleaners x10 Job Type Classification permanet

Cleaner -Day And Night Cleaners X10
Cleaner -Day And Night Cleaners X10
Closing Date2023/05/22
Reference NumberRAN230509-1
Job TitleCleaner -Day and Night Cleaners x10
PortfolioShared Services
Job Type ClassificationJob Type Classification
Location – CountrySouth Africa
Location – ProvinceGauteng
Location – Town / CityGlenvista
Location – SiteRietvlei
Job Advert SummaryTo maintain effective cleaning of offices, workshop, plant, ablution facilities, paving and around the building.
Minimum Requirements• Grade 10 or Std 8 Cleaner -Day And Night Cleaners X10
• ABET level 3 will be advantage.
• 1year relevant cleaning experience.
• Basic computer literacy
• Basic knowledge of stock tacking
Primary Duties• Visit all ablution and shower room twice daily for cleaning, ensure the provision of sufficient soap, toilet papers, hand rolls, air fresheners and SHE packet.
• Report any misconduct or damages to the building or removal of furniture to supervisor.
• Sweep paved areas around and outside building room, workshops, plantrooms, generator room and ablutions.
• Clean and sweep parking area platforms and entrance to the building.
• Ensure daily cleaning of entrances and inside of conference rooms, and service of dustbins.
• Picking up papers and dirt on the ground and on garden
• Use cleaning chemicals according to specified instruction.
• Cleaning of handrails and staircase.
• Cleaning inside windows 3m height, microwaves, and fridges.
• Wrapping of walls.
• Cleaning of door handles apply with brass.
• Vacuum of offices and open plan.
• Assist with moving of furniture when requested.
• Prepare refuse bag to be collected by service provider.
• Dusting of desk, cupboard, chairs, furniture both offices and open plan.
• Cleaning of roof, solar panel, and management parking weekly.
Knowledge• Hygiene
• Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental knowledge
• Basic knowledge of cleaning chemicals
• Basic understanding and use of cleaning equipment
• Basic knowledge of safe working procedures
Skills• Cleaning
• Communication skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Problem solving
• Basic problem solving
• Basic interpersonal communication
Attitude• Performance Driven
• Teamwork
• Customer Service orientation
• Self-disciplined and control
• Self-motivated
• Ability to perform under pressure.
• Ability to solve problems.
• Self-organised
• Flexible to different situations & work
• Client service orientation

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