Sewer Pump Stations X6

Sewer Pump Stations X6 (Fixed Term Contract)

Location: Glenvista, Gauteng, South Africa (Rietvlei Site)

Sewer Pump Stations General Worker X 6 (Fixed Term Contract)

Sewer Pump Stations X6 Closing Date: 2023/07/26

Reference Number: RAN230712-1

Job Type Classification: Contract

Bulk Water Services – Operations

To fulfill the role of Sewer Pump Stations General Worker, you will be responsible for the cleaning of Sewer Pump Stations, Wastewater Treatment and Works, as well as the maintenance of the garden. Reporting any issues to the Supervisor is essential.

Minimum Requirements: To be eligible for this position, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Grade 12 or Equivalent education
  • Previous experience in Sewer Pump Stations
  • Physical fitness and good medical condition

Primary Duties: Your main responsibilities in this role include:

  • Signing the Pump Station Register
  • Conducting weekly inspections of the Pump Stations
  • Sweeping floors if necessary during each Pump Station visit
  • Weekly washing of floors and walls if required
  • Dusting electrical panels weekly
  • Washing handrails weekly
  • Removing litter from the site and disposing it in designated bins
  • Cleaning the Yard of Pump Stations, including garden maintenance such as grass cutting, as needed

Knowledge: In this role, it is important to have a basic understanding of:

  • Sewer Pump Stations
  • Basic hygiene
  • Safety working procedures

Skills: The following skills are essential for this position:

  • Effective communication skills, both listening and verbal
  • Good housekeeping skills

Attitude: To succeed in this role, the following attitudes are important:

  • General safety consciousness
  • Good working relations with colleagues
  • Willingness to work overtime and assist with shifts

The ideal candidate for the Sewer Pump Stations General Worker X 6 (Fixed Term Contract) position should possess a general safety consciousness, establishing a safe working environment for themselves and others. Building good working relations with colleagues is also important for fostering a positive and collaborative work atmosphere. Furthermore, a willingness to work overtime and assist with shift rotations demonstrates a strong work ethic and dedication to the role.

Policy: Please be aware of potential fraudulent activities and unwarranted misrepresentations on behalf of Rand Water. It is important to note that no money exchange or any form of reward is expected during the application process.


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