Specialist: Froud Risk

Specialist: Froud Risk Apply Now!

Specialist: Froud Risk

Specialist Fraud Risk . If you have the required qualifications and experience, apply now through the Transnet Careers section. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to fraud risk management and receive guidance from the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Transnet Specialist: Fraud Risk Auditor (X6) – Join the Team!

Transnet is looking for qualified and experienced Specialist Fraud Risk Auditors to join their team. As a Specialist Fraud Risk Auditor, you will play a vital role in executing the Fraud Risk Management Plan (FRMP) and providing assurance on fraud risk and corruption within Transnet. Utilizing the Institute of Internal Auditors’ guidelines, you will plan, execute, and report on fraud risk audit engagements, as well as contribute to monthly reporting for various committees. If you have a Bachelor’s degree and relevant experience, take this opportunity to apply through the Transnet Careers section and contribute to Transnet’s fraud risk management efforts.

Qualifications and Responsibilities: Specialist: Froud Risk

To be considered for the Specialist Fraud Risk Auditor position, you need a Bachelor’s degree in B. Compt., B Com Forensic, Internal Auditing, or a related field. A minimum of 3-5 years of relevant experience, including Auditing/Fraud Risk Management, is required, and supervisory experience is preferred. Familiarity with data analytics is advantageous.

As a Specialist Fraud Risk Auditor, you will be responsible for planning, executing, and reporting on fraud audit engagements, as per the FRM methodology. You will monitor engagement status, conduct research, and develop effective client relationships. Additionally, you will identify and assess fraud trends, draft audit findings and reports, and maintain audit files using appropriate tools.

Apply Now For Specialist: Froud Risk Don’t miss this opportunity to join Transnet as a Specialist Fraud Risk Auditor. Apply through the Transnet Careers section and contribute to fraud risk management. Use the Institute of Internal Auditors’ guidelines and your expertise to make a difference. Take the first step in your application today!


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